Business Process Outsourcing

Winning in today’s market is a challenge which each organization faces and to ensure future viability, it is essential that organizations realize and capture value quickly by changing direction, speeding up the pace, re-shaping the processes and use maximum advantage of technology to deliver new products and services.

We help our clients to transform their operations to harness talent, data and intelligence to deliver the right information where and when its needed, so they can see more, do more and be more efficient.

Activator’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Division takes the ownership of shifting the responsibility of operational processes to our specialist who have made their reputation in these areas, while freeing up resources at clients’ end to concentrate on strategically important tasks for success of the organisation. Activator’s BPO division believes in the fact that our clients will be able to grow their business with our efforts in managing their service departments in a cost effective manner.

There is an increasing trend due to sound business reasons for managements of large and small companies including the new start-ups and dot-coms to concentrate their resources and energies on core business activities and strategies by availing and hiring external professional help for undertaking certain non-core activities, routine functions, processes and activities. Outsourcing has thus come to be recognised as a distinct class of service in itself prompted by considerations of cost control, judicious use of enterprise’s own human capital and conservation of its own valuable time and resources for focusing on sound business planning and execution of action for excelling in performance and profitability.