Financial and Risk Advisory

The major challenge faced by today’s CFOs and finance departments is to take on more strategic roles, yet too many CFOs still find their finance department stuck in traditional accounting-focused roles. We help our clients to align finance function with the company’s strategic priorities by successfully transforming the function. We work side-by-side with top finance executives to help their companies create unprecedented value. We have deep experience in finance and its organization design, investor relation management and change management.

We work together with CFOs to help them create and lead world-class finance functions. We help develop an integrated approach to value-based planning that ensures a focus on shareholder value creation by covering strategy, business planning, resource allocation, performance management and zero-based budgeting programs. We also help executives to create high-performing finance organizations by building successful operating models.

Risk Management is an important element in making strategic and business decisions after considering all major risks and opportunities an organization is facing or might face. We help our clients to decide between alternative business lines and strategic growth options to take a more value-focused (rather than loss-focused) approach to risk management amid increasing volatility and uncertainty. We consider everything from credit risk to operations and supply chain risk. We examine decisions identifying creative approaches to succeed in a world of uncertainty.

We help our clients to:
– Take a proactive approach to protecting assets and organizations.
– Determine which opportunities are worth pursuing.
– Formalize risk governance.
– Optimize returns on capital.
– Allow shareholders to evaluate company’s risk management processes.


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