Operational efficiency

The competition is cut throat and the challenge in today’s world lies in continuously monitoring and beating the competition. This can only be achieved if the operations are efficient enough to generate cost savings that help in determining the sustainable price of product or services delivering the required margins and increasing the shareholders’ net worth. We equip our clients to grow their earnings and outperform the competition. Whether the question is to reduce costs in procurement or operations, increasing the overall effectiveness and root out the complexity we are here to help our clients.
We provide variety of services in this area and some of the major strategy we adopt are given below:

We strengthen our clients’ competitive advantage by eliminating ineffective, nonessential spending to redirect savings to the highest strategic priorities on a sustainable basis. We work to uncover savings throughout the entire P&L and in each individual function.

Normally, companies believe in cutting costs by combing line by line through the budget or via organizational restructuring but we believe that the greatest success often comes from doing both. We use Zero-Based Budgeting and Zero-Based Redesign to scrutinize and radically revamp the operating model to transform the company and deliver significant long-lasting cost savings.

We help our clients to reach their earning targets, rapidly growth of funds and beating competitors. We accelerate the transformation by using our experience and technology in delivering the urgent cost savings, cash, capital and revenue benefits while simultaneously building the power for to overcome long-term and sustainable growth.

We help our clients in managing complexities, which results in revenue growth as well as cost reduction. While the savings are significant, the largest benefits nearly always come from achieving a better understanding of customer needs and that leads to improved customer satisfaction, faster inventory turnover and ultimately, higher revenues and margins.

Everybody is talking about shared services, however, its successful deployment requires a change management process to adopt which is not as easy as it looks. Based on the experience of our team of experts, we help our clients to successfully implement the concept of shared services by overcoming the organization’s culture barriers and ensuring the motivation of the workforce. Our service in this area will help in providing greater cost savings and help our clients to re-think on focusing their skills and energy on the strategy that matters and to do it more faster, smarter and efficiently

Sourcing of capability improves a company’s competitive position by ensuring that processes and functions are obtained from the right source and at the right cost. As sourcing matures, companies can leverage more processes to achieve a broader set of objectives, be it improved costs, quality, service levels or capabilities. We help our clients to achieve sourcing excellence through a range of services including blueprint/design, outsourcing partner selection and value delivery. Outsourcing has evolved into much broader opportunities to drive transformational change. We help to renegotiate contracts and maximize ROI of the operation and expand the current scope.

Redesigning of business processes examines the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s most critical processes. It is a key enabler to deliver the highest quality of service, in the most productive way, at the most competitive cost and time to output. We help our clients to improve execution and meet the needs of customers in a better way by applying business process redesign. Typically, the work is estimated to generate cost savings of 10%to 40% of the cost base, but its real advantages are reduced cycle times and increased quality and customer satisfaction. We work with our clients to prioritize key processes, develop a view of the current state based on operational data, use detailed process maps and analysis to help identify major gaps.
We work very closely with our clients and their teams from all the functional areas to eliminate waste, unnecessary wait times and to re-design business processes while ensuring improved operational efficiency.