Digital and Social Media

While earlier generations will undoubtedly mourn the downfall of paper-based newspapers, books, communication strategies and conventional TV and radio announcements, the individuals who have grown up with the internet and mobiles phones as a divine privilege are as of now taking on the bold new world of digital forum. The reality is that digital techniques for correspondence and advertising are speedier, more adaptable, functional and streamlined, so it is may be obvious that once the innovation and technology became plainly accessible, we started rapidly moving into the digital age. Fortunately, digital offers the same amount of potential to advertisers as it does to buyers. That is why, more and more businesses are focusing on to transpire their visibilities online.

We provide all sort of affordable digital marketing services to our clients. Our digital marketing experts have a mind that gives them a chance to play with the creative talent, not just that, they likewise concoct the most ideal concepts that will simply fascinate your group of onlookers and leave an effect on them. Be it a web-based social networking post, a cover photograph, digital advert banner or pretty much any advertisement that is put on the web, we have got the exact aptitudes and a state of mind that won't let you down.

We provide following services to our clients:

Activator Consulting offers a full range Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services with focus on helping our clients to get more traffic on their website and increase their online visibility. Millions of online searches take place each day, making it important for any business size to have a strong online presence in major search engines. We take an approach to identify your potential customer types and related search phrases, target those keywords that drive relevant traffic and position your business as the solution to your customers’ need. Like any other marketing campaign, internet marketing is about segmenting, targeting, and positioning.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective strategy to attract target traffic and we can help our clients to generate better return on their investment by providing expert keyword research analysis, attention to detail and constant evaluation. Our PPC management services include specific ‘campaign’ and ‘keyword’ based services.

The Social media marketing allows businesses to create customer engagement and spread information about their business. Social Media Marketing can work as an effective in-bound marketing strategy to improve website visibility and create brand awareness. Social media marketing is also currently used to generate sales and revenue for any organization subject to the condition that right digital strategy is adopted with the right medium being used at right time. Activator Consulting has all the required digital expertise available for the clients to outperform their brand image with guaranteed and incremental revenue generation at an affordable price.

Link building helps to increase your rankings and we offer relevant reciprocal and non-reciprocal links as part of our SEO services.

We offer high standard of written content for blog and for the website as part of our SEO services. Quality content is crucial to achieve your SEO goals and raise the overall value of your website. It is essential to create quality contents to keep the users engaged and increase trust value


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