Human Capital

In Human capital services, our objective is to deliver services that enable our clients to focus on their core business in order to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. We offer a wide range of human capital services for the entire employment and business spectrum including recruitment of talent, c-suite executives and team leaders with further enhancement in services by taking over the entire human capital management function using our resources, technology and experts with lesser operating cost. We believe that quality human resource is a key to success in every business and therefore, we put extreme care in evaluating candidates who went through a rigorous screening process before referring it to our clients forpotential hiring.

We assist our clients in attracting, retaining and motivating their employees and to advise on developing a culture where HR strategies are synchronized with the overall strategy of the organization. Our objective is to ensure that the HR function is handled through technological advancement and through suitably qualified professionals who contribute towards the growth of the business.

A full range of services are offered to clients which include the following

- C-suite search and placement
- Executive search and placement
- Preparation of HR policies and Procedures manual
- Preparation of payroll and benefits
- Maintenance of employees’ personal files and their database
- Handling, managing and reporting of Provident Fund and other employee benefits
- Preparation of Employees Handbook
- Salaries, benefits and overall compensation survey
- Tax efficient compensation structure designing
- Performance management system
- Training needs assessment (TNA)
- 360-degree performance appraisal and feedback
- Staff training and development