Media is typically the single largest line item in the marketing budget (the making of the ad itself is typically about a sixth of the size of the media spend). For some organisations, media space or time is, in fact, the single biggest purchase they make as against any single raw materials cost. We help advertisers, broadcasters and media houses in developing and executing strategies that take advantage of an integrated and expansive landscape. Our experience working with players across the whole media value chain starting from content providers to aggregators to advertisers, distribution players, and access providers enables us to provide integrated insights to our clients.

We provide our media services in the following areas.

A host of trends are redefining today’s media landscape. Due to accelerated way the media industry is evolving, we predict that more media broadcasters will turn to mergers and acquisitions and the trend will continue to rise as per the global trend. Such deals allow media companies to reset their cost base and increase negotiating power in the market. Our experience reveals that most deals fail to deliver the cost synergies, system complexities, increased attrition, cultural differences and lack of focus, which make it difficult to capture anticipated synergies. We provide our media consultancy services in the following areas.

We focus on bringing operational efficiencies in all areas spanning over media houses, broadcast television, cable networks, satellite operators, radio, music, filmed entertainment, magazines and newspapers, B2B services and publishing, professional sports and outdoor media. We work on core strategic issues such as cost saving, revenue growth, international expansion, gaining power in the media market and media business strategy giving higher revenues and profits.

Media broadcasters that invest in strong merger integration capabilities and follow best practices can boost the odds of success so as to meet or exceed synergy targets. The M&A deals will get credit for taking costs out of P&Ls but without a strategic shift in the new company’s position, its multiple is not likely to change. There is a way, though, to achieve extraordinary multiple expansion and it requires management teams to view a deal as a substantive and defining moment for change. We help our clients in mergers and acquisition deals to provide a unique opportunity change their approach to reaching the consumer and achieving a scale, where two merged networks are in a position to develop a direct-to-consumer offering that has a differentiated value proposition with large scale foot-print.

As the advertising spend of advertisers is a large sum in their P/L,the best way to monitor the cost is controlled through a media audit which is simply a good business practice being followed by marketing leaders around the globe. Media audit is the practice of checking that the media a client has bought through an agency is in the right place and in accordance with client briefs and at competitive prices to give assurance on maximizing return of media investments. The media audit establishes whether the media was transmitted, and if it was,, are the placements appropriate for the target audiences, environments and tasks that the advertising client needed for the brand? We are a team of seasoned professionals with a background of working in television, radio, print, and outdoor as well as at advertising agencies. We help our clients in identifying areas of improvement and helping the brand team achieve their media KPIs by working closely with agencies. We do not bring a stick to beat the agency with. We believe that once the client is clear on the size of the prize, it will incentivise the agency to make improvements which will make our clients emerge as the top-performers in the market. Our objective as media auditors is to improve efficiency and to help our clients and agencies in a collaborative way.


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